9 Ways to Cultivate Your Resilience for Health and Healing 27230A

Applying Mindfulness and Resilience to the Covid 19 Health Crisis

9 Ways to Build Your Capacity to Face and Manage Anxiety and Uncertainty

Learn how to face and transform stress, pain and illness; manage anxiety and be comfortable with uncertainty. Cultivate resilience to respond to life's challenges and keep a positive attitude. Connect with and develop inner resources and learn practical skills to work with and process difficult emotions of fear, grief, shame and anger. Learn mindfulness meditation as we train the mind and open the heart to awaken joy, kindness and compassion.


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Sessions:  2
Dates:  3/20/2024 to 3/27/2024
Meeting Time:  Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location:  On-Line Classes On-Line - Web Based
Instructor:  Paul Epstein
$59.00   (Class Fee)
30 Seats Available
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