Under the Tuscan Sun: A Journey though Italian Cuisine 26540A

Do you love Italian cuisine? Do you ever dream of cooking Italian food while in Italy but never have the time to travel there? Do you want to learn how to make regional Italian dishes?

Ciao and welcome to a cooking class that will be offered right here in Greenwich where Italy will be brought to you: in my kitchen! I'm an Italian who was born in Italy and have lived in many countries throughout Europe. As a native of Tuscany, there are so many Italian dishes I grew up eating and now cook for my children; dishes that offer fresh ingredients and incredible flavors. Cooking is my passion and I look forward to helping you find the class that's right for you, so you can pursue your passion for Italian cuisine!

In this class students will learn both easy and complex recipes taking notes, videos and photographs while watching me cook. I will cook two dishes during each class, a main dish and a dessert; so you can learn how to perfect techniques and understand best practices.We will then sit down for a wonderful lunch together and enjoy the dishes with a great glass of wine!



Classes will be Thursday 11A-1PM starting March and running every other week through June 6th Site will be provided upon registration.

Sessions:  7
Dates:  3/14/2024 to 6/6/2024
Meeting Time:  Thursday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Instructor:  Federica Pezzuoli
$250.00   (Class Fee)
Note: Class is Full

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