Tai Chi 28400A

Curious? Learn proper relaxation is a skill that leads to improved health, balance, agility and mindfulness. Tai Chi is the art of developing this skill through movement and internal focus. Harvard Medical School ranks Tai Chi as a "top five" exercise for any age group.

During 10 sessions of this class we will focus on movement segments and internal relaxation processes found within the classic Tai Chi choreography fluidily practised in the public squares of China. Playing with the "Basic Moves" from  the nationally recognized "Tai Chi Fundamentals" (taichihealth.org) program, "Studies" from different Masters, and early Tai Chi (Gigong) movement meditations will help make movements easy to remember and practice at home.  

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Will is a senior student of Ed Young with whom he has studied since the early '80's. Will also teaches classes for Mr. Young and is a certified Tai Chi Fundamentals instructor. Find out more about Will at www.experiencetaichi.org . Mr. Young was a senior student and translator for Professor Cheng Man Ching, The Professor, as he is known, introduced the 37 posture Yang Style Tai Chi Form into New York in the 1960's and '70's that has become the most prevalent style worldwide.

Sessions:  10
Dates:  3/5/2024 to 5/7/2024
Meeting Time:  Tuesday 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Location:  1st Congregational Church - Daniels Center
Instructor:  Will Morrison
$165.00   (Class Fee)
8 Seats Available
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