Principles of Painting 24420A

 Please note class dates: 1/31-2/7, 4/3-5/8. Spring break 4/17

Color, light, shade and form are among the basic painting principles you learn in this introductory course. Using acrylics, oils or the new water-based oil paints, or other painting medium of your choice, we cover the skills, tools and techniques needed to begin a lifetime of painting.



Table Easel
Canvas Paper Pad
(either paper or board or plastic)
Filbert brushes sizes 1,3,5,7, one bright size 10 (suitable for oil or acrylic-I prefer bristle, but you may want to add a sable/sableine or two) The numbers may change brand to brand, but get a variety of sizes from small to large. You can also go to Home Depot and get a natural bristle brush there as well in a very large size.
Painting knife (bent at the neck- not straight) any shape/size should feel comfortable to you and be a little flexible at least (they  make many sizes and shapes, all are ok)
Paper towels (or rags)
2 containers to hold mediums in (they can be small)

Titanium white                                                                                    Titanium white
Lemon Yellow                                                                         Lemon Yellow     
Cadmium yellow medium                                                       Cadmium Yellow medium
Naples yellow                                                                                     Naples Yellow
Yellow ochre (or raw sienna)                                           Yellow Ochre (or raw sienna)
Cadmium red medium                                                                  Cadmium Red medium
Alizarin crimson (or rose madder)                          Alizarin crimson (or rose madder)
Burnt sienna                                                                                           Burnt sienna
Cerulean blue                                                                                      Cerulean blue
Cobalt blue                                                                                          Cobalt blue
Thalo blue (or ultramarine blue)                                                          Ultramarine blue
Thalo green or hookers green or permanent green                               Viridian green
Raw umber                                                                                              raw umber
Ivory black                                                                                                 ivory black

Sometimes they sell paints in sets that are cheaper. If they have close to what is here, you can then just buy additional colors to supplement the list. If you are unsure of any colors, or have any questions, call me. Or the sales clerk can sometimes help as well.
Matte Medium
Turpenoid or other low order/non order turpentine substitute
Linseed oil
If you wish to use any other kind of paint, or have any questions, feel free to call me: 203 531 0876
Nomi Silverman

Sessions:  7
Dates:  1/31/2024 to 5/8/2024
Meeting Time:  Wednesday 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM
Location:  Greenwich High School - 718
Instructor:  Nomi Silverman
$175.00   (Class Fee)
Discounts & Other Fees:
Senior Discount of $15
8 Seats Available
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