Belly Dance: The Secret Desire 18270A

Unleash your inner Diva and connect with your Feminine Nature.  The movements of this beautiful art form give you a safe whole body workout without strain to joints andmuscles.  Learn the specialized techniques as we build body strength. improve posture and body awarenes while having fun dancing.  Begin with warm-up exercises, the basic movements and short choreographies.  All are welcome, no matter what age or life experience. Wear comfortable clothing (leotard, crop top, footless tights or leggings, a 35" scarf or shawl, ballet slippers or bare feet.)

Sessions:  10
Dates:  9/22/2021 to 12/8/2021
Meeting Time:  Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location:  Greenwich High School - Dance Studio
Instructor:  Aszmara Lynn Sherry
$165.00   (Class Fee)
21 Seats Available
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