Ancient Greek Mythology 15000A

From passionate love stories to the adventures of heroes and heroines, to the misadventures of gods and goddesses; explore the myths of the Ancient Greek world. What are myths? How do we make sense of them? Why do we still find these stories from antiquity so powerful, even in the age of reason, science and the internet? Explore the Ancient Greek myths, starting with the origins of the gods and the world, and the lost goddesses of early Greece and ending with the warriors and heroines of Homer by reading works in translation. Take a dip into Ancient Greece used by the authors of our texts as well and explore the linguistic heritage of this classical language that extends to the present day.

Sessions:  4
Dates:  10/12/2022 to 11/9/2022
Meeting Time:  Wednesday 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM
Location:  Greenwich High School - 304
Instructor:  Julia Simonds
$105.00   (Class Fee)
25 Seats Available
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