Plutarch's Greek Heroes 25000A

Plutarch's lives of Themistocles, Cimon, Pericles and Nicias are not only fascinating in themselves, but read in chronological order, they bring the added benefit of tracing Athens' story from the begining of the war against Persia in 490 BCE down to 413 BCE, the year which marked the failure of the Sicilian Expedition.  That failure would hasten Athens' final defeat at the hands of Sparta.  My hope is that you'll finish the course with both a strong sense of each of these great men and a framework for orgainizing your knowledge of this extraordinary 5th Century.

We'll use the Penguin Classics edition entitled THE RISE AND FALL OF ATHENS: NINE GREEK LIVES. Please read the life of Themistocles for our first class

Sessions:  4
Dates:  3/7/2018 to 3/28/2018
Meeting Time:  Wednesday 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM
Location:  Greenwich High School - 304
Instructor:  Anne Gilhuly
$99.00   (Class Fee)
2 Seats Available
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